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Chapter 9. Fiscal Support Subchapter 4. Budgets and Reports Tentative Budget; Filing; Contents; Computation of Tax Levy; Adoption; Filing and Approval of Final Budget   

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(a) On or before the first day of July in each year, each district shall adopt a tentative budget and forward an information copy to the appropriate county officer. To the extent that the budget is based on information provided by the county, the budget data should be validated by the appropriate county officer.

(1) The budget shall indicate the date, time, and location at which the governing board of the district will hold the public hearing required pursuant to Section 58301.

(2) If the governing board of the district does not want all or a portion of the property tax requirement levied for the purpose of making payments for the interest and principal on outstanding general obligation bonds or other indebtedness approved by the voters prior to July 1, 1978, the budget shall include a statement of the amount or portion for which a levy shall not be made.

(b) Each district shall provide all data needed by the county to compute the actual amounts to be levied on the property tax rolls of the district for purposes which exceed apportionments to the district pursuant to Sections 95 to100, inclusive, of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

(c) On or before the 15th day of September, the governing board of each district shall adopt a final budget.

(d) On or before the 30th day of September, each district shall complete the preparation of its adopted annual financial and budget report. Once completed, this report and its supporting documentation is considered a public record pursuant to Section 6250 et seq. of the Government Code. On or before the 10th day of October, each district shall submit a copy of its adopted annual financial and budget report to the Chancellor. The district shall also file copies of the report with the appropriate county officers for information and review.

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