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Article 2. Period of Retention Class 1-Permanent Records.   

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The original of each of the records listed in this Section, or one exact copy thereof when the original is required by law to be filed with another agency, is a Class 1-Permanent record and shall be retained indefinitely, unless copied or reproduced in accordance with Subsection (e) of Section 59022.

(a) The following annual reports:

(1) official budget;

(2) financial report of all funds, including cafeteria and student body funds;

(3) audit of all funds;

(4) full-time equivalent student, including Period 1 and Period 2 reports; and

(5) other major annual reports, including:

(A) those containing information relating to property, activities, financial condition, or transactions; and

(B) those declared by board minutes to be permanent.

(b) The following official actions:

(1) minutes of the board or committees thereof, including the text of a rule, regulation, policy, or resolution not set forth verbatim in minutes but included therein by reference only;

(2) elections, including the call, if any, for and the result (but not including detail documents, such as ballots) of an election called, conducted or canvassed by the governing board for a board member, the board member's recall, issuance of bonds, incurring any long-term liability, change in maximum tax rates, reorganization, or any other purpose; and

(3) records transmitted by another agency that pertain to that agency's action with respect to district reorganization.

(c) The following personnel records of employees. All detail records relating to employment, assignment, employee evaluations, amounts and dates of service rendered, termination or dismissal of an employee in any position, sick leave record, rate of compensation, salaries or wages paid, deductions or withholdings made and the person or agency to whom such amounts were paid. In lieu of the detail records, a complete proven summary payroll record for every employee of the school district containing the same data may be classified as Class 1-Permanent, and the detail records may then be classified as Class 3-Disposable.

(d) The following student records:

(1) the records of enrollment and scholarship for each student. Such records of enrollment and scholarship may include but need not be limited to:

(A) name of student;

(B) date of birth;

(C) place of birth;

(D) name and address of a parent having custody or a guardian, if the student is a minor;

(E) entering and leaving date for each academic year and for any summer session or other extra session;

(F) subjects taken during each year, half year, summer session or quarter; and

(G) if grades or credits are given, the grades and number of credits toward graduation allowed for work taken.

(2) All records pertaining to any accident or injury involving a student for which a claim for damages has been filed as required by law, including any policy of liability insurance relating thereto, except that these records cease to be Class 1-Permanent records, one year after the claim has been settled or after the applicable statute of limitations has run.

(e) Property Records. All detail records relating to land, buildings, and equipment. In lieu of such detail records, a complete property ledger may be classified as Class 1-Permanent, and the detail records may then be classified as Class 3-Disposable, if the property ledger includes:

(1) all fixed assets;

(2) an equipment inventory; and

(3) for each unit of property, the date of acquisition or augmentation, the person from whom acquired, an adequate description or identification, and the amount paid, and comparable data if the unit is disposed of by sale, loss, or otherwise.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

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Education Code 70901

(Amended by Register 2001, No. 41)