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Chapter 7. Special Programs Subchapter 2.5. Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Article 3. Program Standards Counseling and Advisement   

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Each college receiving EOPS funds shall provide counseling and advisement to EOPS-eligible students of at least three contact sessions per term for each student as follows:

(a) a contact session which combines interview interpretation of assessment results to prepare a student educational plan and a mutual responsibility contract specifying what programs and services the student shall receive and what the student is expected to accomplish.

(b) an in-term contact session to ensure the student is succeeding adequately, that programs and services are being provided effectively, and to plan changes as may be needed to enhance student success.

(c) a term-end or program exit contact session to assess the success of students in reaching the objectives of that term, the success of the programs and services provided in meeting student needs, and to assist students to prepare for the next term of classes, or to make future plans if students are leaving the EOPS program or the college.


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Repealer and new section filed 9-24-87; operative 10-24-87 (Register 87, No. 40).