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Subchapter 4. Student. Student Equity Plans.   

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(a) In order to promote student success for all students, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or economic circumstances, the governing board of each community college district shall maintain a student equity plan which includes for each college in the district:

(1) Campus-based research as to the extent of student equity in the five areas described in paragraph (2) and the determination of what activities are most likely to be effective;

(2) Goals for access, retention, degree and certificate completion, ESL and basic skills completion, and transfer; for the overall student population and for each population group of students, as appropriate. Where significant underrepresentation is found to exist in accordance with standards adopted by the Board of Governors, the plan shall include race-neutral and/or gender-neutral measures for addressing disparities in those areas, and, when legally appropriate, goals for addressing a disparity in representation of students with disabilities, and where required by federal law, race-conscious and/or gender-conscious measures for addressing a race or gender disparity;

(3) Implementation activities designed to attain the goals, including a means of coordinating existing student equity related programs;

(4) Sources of funds for the activities in the plan;

(5) Schedule and process for evaluation; and

(6) An executive summary that includes, at a minimum, the groups for whom goals have been set, the goals, the initiatives that the college or district will undertake to achieve these goals, the resources that have been budgeted for that purpose, and the district official to contact for further information.

(b) These plans should be developed with the active involvement of all groups on campus as required by law, and with the involvement of appropriate people from the community.

(c) The Board-adopted plan shall be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor, which shall publish all executive summaries, sending copies to every college and district, the chair of each consultation group that so requests, and such additional individuals and organizations as deemed appropriate.

(d) For the purposes of this section, "each population group of students" means American Indians or Alaskan natives, Asians or Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, men, women, and persons with disabilities. A person shall be included in the group with which he or she identifies as his or her group.

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