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Subchapter 7. Occupational Education. Article 1. Vocational Education Contracts. Authority to Contract.   

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(a) Any community college district or districts may contract with a private postsecondary school authorized or approved pursuant to the provisions of chapter 7 of part 59 of division 10 of the Education Code (commencing with section 94700) or described in Education Code section 8092.5 and which has been in operation not less than two full calendar years prior to the effective date of such contract to provide vocational skill training authorized by the Education Code and this subchapter. Any community college district may contract with an activity center, work activity center, or sheltered workshop to provide vocational skill training authorized by the Education Code in any adult education program for substantially handicapped persons operated pursuant to section 41976(a)(5) of the Education Code.

(b) All contracts between a community college district and a private postsecondary school entered into pursuant to this section, or an activity center, work center, or sheltered workshop shall do all of the following:

(1) Be approved by the Chancellor.

(2) Provide that the amount contracted for per student shall not exceed the total direct and indirect costs to provide the same training in the community colleges or the tuition the private postsecondary school charges its private students, whichever is lower.

(3) Provide that the community college students receiving training in a private postsecondary school, or an activity center, work activity center, or sheltered workshop pursuant to that contract may not be charged additional tuition for any training included in the contract. The attendance of those students pursuant to a contract authorized by this section shall be credited to the community college district for the purposes of apportionments from the State School Fund.

(4) Provide that all programs, courses, and classes of instruction shall meet the standards set forth in the California State Plan for Vocational Education, or is a course of study for adult schools approved by the Department of Education under section 51056 of the Education Code.

(c) Meet the standards described in section 55620.

(d) Include the terms and conditions described in section 55630.

(e) The students who attend a private postsecondary school or an activity center, work activity center or sheltered workshop pursuant to a contract under this section shall be enrollees of the community college and the vocational instruction provided pursuant to that contract shall be under the exclusive control and management of the governing body of the contracting community college district. The Chancellor may audit the accounts of both the district and the private party involved in these contracts to the extent necessary to assure the integrity of the public funds involved.

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)