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Subchapter 1. Attendance. Article 2. Attendance Reporting Procedures. Application Of Census Procedures.   

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(a) The census procedures specified in subdivisions (b) and (c) of section 58003.1 shall apply to all credit courses, except for work experience and independent study pursuant to subdivision (f) of section 58003.1, and credit courses which are being reported on an actual attendance basis pursuant to subdivision (g) of section 58003.1.

(b) The single primary term length census procedure specified in subdivision (b) of section 58003.1 shall be applied using the following:

(1) The term length multiplier shall be determined by counting each week in which at least three days of instruction or examination in term length courses are scheduled.

(2) Courses scheduled coterminous with the term are those courses scheduled to meet each week of the term, exclusive of final examination scheduling.

(3) The census procedure specified in this subdivision may not be applied to any term shorter than ten weeks.

(c) Districts shall, according to procedures adopted by the governing board, clear the rolls of inactive enrollment. Inactive enrollment in a course is defined as follows:

As of each census day, any student who has

(1) Been identified as a no show, or

(2) Officially withdrawn from the course, or

(3) Been dropped from the course. A student shall be dropped if no longer participating in the course, except if there are extenuating circumstances. "No longer participating" includes, but is not limited to, excessive unexcused absences but must relate to nonattendance. "Extenuating circumstances" are verified cases of accidents, illness, other circumstances beyond the control of the student, and other conditions defined by the governing board and published in regulations. The "drop date" shall be the end of business of the day immediately preceding the census day.

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)