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Subchapter 1. Attendance Article 2. Attendance Reporting Procedures. Reporting Date Procedures.   

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The Governing Board Of Each Community College district shall report full-time equivalent student in accordance with the provisions of section 58003.4.

(a) Full-time equivalent student for courses using census procedure may be reported in either the fiscal year in which the census day procedure is completed or in which the course ends.

If the summer, full-time equivalent student, reported by a district as specified above, impacts other districts' apportionment to the detriment of the system by maximizing the district's reported FTES, and thereby resulting in the district's prior or succeeding year's reported FTES being less than its funded base FTES, the Chancellor shall have the authority to prescribe to the district the reporting of its summer FTES.

(b) For courses using actual student contact hours of attendance procedure, the full-time equivalent student shall be reported in the period immediately following the completion of the course, even if the course overlaps fiscal years.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

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Education Code 70901

(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)