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Chapter 9. Fiscal Support Subchapter 2. Limitations On State Aid Article 5. Other Limitations Non Credit Course Funding   

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(a) In order to be eligible to be claimed for state apportionment, a noncredit course must be approved pursuant to sections 55002 and 55150 and fall into one of the following statutory categories:

(1) elementary and secondary basic skills courses and other courses such as remedial academic courses in reading, mathematics, and language arts;

(2) courses in English as a second language, including vocational English as a second Language;

(3) short-term vocational courses and programs with high employment potential;

(4) workforce preparation courses in the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, mathematics, decisionmaking, problem solving skills, and other courses required for preparation to participate in job-specific technical training;

(5) courses in citizenship for immigrants;

(6) parenting, including parent cooperative preschools, courses in child growth and development and parent-child relationships;

(7) courses and programs for persons with substantial disabilities;

(8) courses and programs for older adults;

(9) courses and programs in home economics; and

(10) courses in health and safety education.

(b) The provisions of sections 58050, 58051, 58051.5, 58130 and related provisions of this chapter also apply in determining whether a noncredit course is eligible for funding.

(c) In order to be eligible for enhanced funding pursuant to Education Code sections 84750.5 and 84760.5, a career development or college preparation noncredit course must be part of a program or sequence of courses approved by the Chancellor pursuant to section 55151.

(d) Courses of the type described in section 55151 may not be claimed for enhanced funding if they are not part of a program or sequence of courses which is approved by the Chancellor pursuant to that section, but such courses may continue to be offered and be claimed for basic noncredit funding, provided that each individual course has been approved by the Chancellor pursuant to section 55150 and falls into one of the categories described in subdivision (a).

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(Added By Register 2008, No. 21.)