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Chapter 9. Fiscal Support Subchapter 6. Student Fees Article 1. Enrollment Fee And Differential Enrollment Fee Authority Of Chancellor   

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(a) Notwithstanding section 58508, a community college district may provide a full refund of enrollment fees to any student who withdrew from one or more classes, where the district finds that such withdrawal was necessary for one of the following reasons:

(1) the college attended by the student was closed or the college was unable to provide all or substantially all of the instruction in the course or courses in which the student was enrolled due to fire, flood or other conditions qualifying for adjustment of apportionment pursuant to section 58146; or

(2) although the district does not qualify for an apportionment adjustment pursuant to section 58146, one of the conditions enumerated in that section made it difficult or impossible for the student to attend one or more courses because the student was actively engaged in responding to the fire, flood or other condition or because such condition required the student to evacuate his or her home.

(b) Consistent with section 55024, a community college district need not record a "W" on the academic records of a student who withdraws from one or more classes due to any of the circumstances described in subdivision (a).

(c) The Chancellor is authorized, upon receipt of a written request from a community college district, to waive any provision of this title in order to accommodate students affected by any of the circumstances described in subdivision (a).

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

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Education Code 70901

(Amended By Register 2008, No. 21.)