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Subchapter 1. Disabled Student Programs And Services. Article 1. General Provisions And Definitions. Scope of Chapter.   

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This subchapter applies to community college districts offering support services, or instruction through Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS), on and/or off campus, to students with disabilities pursuant to Education Code sections 67310 et seq. and 84850.

Programs receiving funds allocated pursuant to Education Code section 84850 shall meet the requirements of this subchapter. Any support services or instruction funded, in whole or in part, under the authority of this subchapter must:

(a) not duplicate services or instruction which are otherwise available to all students;

(b) be directly related to the educational limitations of the verified disabilities of the students to be served;

(c) be directly related to the students' participation in the educational process;

(d) promote the maximum independence and integration of students with disabilities; and

(e) support participation of students with disabilities in educational activities consistent with the mission of the community colleges as set forth in Education Code section 66010.4.

Authority cited:

Education Code 67312

Education Code 70901

Education Code 84850


Education Code 67310 et seq.

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)