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Subchapter 2.5. Extended Opportunity Programs And Services Article 2. Student Eligibility And Responsibility. Eligibility for Programs and Services.   

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To receive programs and services authorized by this chapter, a student must:

(a) be a resident of California pursuant to the provisions of part 41 commencing with section 68000 of the Education Code.

(b) be enrolled full-time when accepted into the EOPS program. The EOPS director may authorize up to 10% of EOPS students accepted to be enrolled for 9 units.

(c) not have completed more than 70 units of degree applicable credit coursework in any combination of postsecondary higher education institutions.

(d) qualify to receive a Board of Governors Grant pursuant to section 58620(b)(1) or (2).

(e) be educationally disadvantaged as determined by the EOPS director or designee. In making that determination the EOPS director shall consider one or more of the following factors:

(1) not qualified at the college of attendance for enrollment into the minimum level English or mathematics course that is applicable to the associate degree.

(2) not have graduated from high school or obtained the General Education Diploma (G.E.D.).

(3) graduated from high school with a grade point average below 2.50 on a 4.00 scale.

(4) been previously enrolled in remedial education.

(5) other factors set forth in the district's plan submitted to the Chancellor pursuant to section 56270 of this subchapter.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69648

Education Code 70901


Education Code 69640 et seq.

(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)