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Subchapter 2.5. Extended Opportunity Programs And Services. Article 3. Program Standards. Assessments.   

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Each college receiving EOPS funds shall assess EOPS eligible students using instruments and methods which the college president certifies are reliable, valid, and appropriate for students being assessed and for the purpose of the assessment. All assessment results which make use of standardized scoring shall be explained and interpreted to EOPS students by counselors trained in the use and meaning of such assessments. Assessments shall, at minimum, include:

(a) course and placement tests in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and computations.

(b) diagnostic tests to determine the specific academic skill deficiencies in areas in which placement tests indicate that the student has a low probability of success in degree applicable courses as defined by college policies.

(c) study skill assessment which determines how well the student is able to take lecture notes, outline written material, use library services, and use effective study techniques.

(d) support service assessment which determines what services the student may need to attend regularly and participate in campus life (such as the need for financial aid, child care, part-time employment, or extra-curricular pursuits).

(e) assessment instruments that are not culturally or linguistically biased.

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)