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Subchapter 2.5. Extended Opportunity Programs And Services. Article 7. Funding And Expenditures. Expenditures Not Allowed.   

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EOPS funds shall not be expended for the following:

(a) college administrative support costs (e.g., staff of the business office, bookstore, reproduction, staff at the dean salary level and above).

(b) indirect costs (e.g., heat, lights, power, janitorial service).

(c) political or professional association dues and/or contributions.

(d) costs of furniture (chairs, desks, coat hangers, etc.).

(e) costs of construction, remodeling, renovation, or vehicles.

(f) travel costs other than travel costs of EOPS staff and students for EOPS activities or functions.

Except for items (a) through (c) above, waivers may be approved by the Chancellor on a case-by-case basis.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69648

Education Code 70901


Education Code 69640 et seq.

(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)