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Subchapter 5. Fund For The Improvement Of Instruction. Article 2. Grants. Application Proposal.   

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A proposal submitted in application for a grant shall identify and support the significance and feasibility of the proposed plan or activity for which funding is requested. In this regard, the proposal will identify the following items and provide substantiating evidence for each item and as otherwise directed in the annual proposal application forms and announcements issued by the Chancellor:

(a) the specific educational program or service being addressed;

(b) the specific problem(s);

(c) the population to be served;

(d) the project objective(s);

(e) the proposed activities including, but not limited to, information about personnel required, equipment, materials, schedule, and evaluation process;

(f) the expected outcomes of these activities in terms of:

(1) the project objective(s),

(2) probable or eventual impact of the project,

(3) potential for continued support after the expiration of the grant, and

(4) potential for adaptation to other institutions or programs.

(g) the evaluation plan; and

(h) the budget.

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 17.)