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Subchapter 8. Program-Based Funding. Article 1. General Provisions. Adjustments Under Former Funding System.   

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The following articles of this subchapter shall remain in effect only for purposes of program-based funding and for making adjustments for periods when funding was allocated under program-based funding. These articles do not apply in any way to the funding system described in section 58704 or the allocation process prescribed in Education Code section 84750.5:

Article 2. Credit Instruction

Article 3. Credit Instructional Services

Article 4. Credit Student Services

Article 5. Maintenance and Operations

Article 6. Institutional Support

Article 7. Noncredit Activities

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

Education Code 70901

Education Code 84750.5


Education Code 84750.5

(Register 2007, No. 9.)