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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 1. Programs, Courses And Classes Article 1. Program, Course And Class Classification And Standards   

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(a) A community college district may not permit a student to enroll in two or more sections of the same credit course during the same term unless the length of the course is such that a student may enroll in two or more sections of the same course during the same term without being enrolled in more than one section at any given time. Students needing additional instruction in the subject matter while enrolled in a course may be referred for individualized tutoring pursuant to section 58170 or supplemental learning assistance pursuant to sections 58172 and 58164.

(b) A district may not permit a student to enroll in two or more courses where the meeting times for the courses overlap, unless the district has established and incorporated into its attendance accounting procedures adopted pursuant to section 58030 a mechanism for ensuring that the following requirements are satisfied:

(1) the student provides a sound justification, other than mere scheduling convenience, of the need for the overlapping schedule;

(2) an appropriate district official approves the schedule;

(3) the college maintains documentation describing the justification for the overlapping schedule and showing that the student made up the hours of overlap in the course partially or wholly not attended as scheduled at some other time during the same week under the supervision of the instructor of the course.

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