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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 1. Programs, Courses And Classes Article 2. Grading And Academic Record Symbols   

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(a) The policy adopted pursuant to section 55021 may permit courses to be offered in either or both of the following categories and, if so, shall require that each college catalog specify the category into which each course falls:

(1) Courses wherein all students are evaluated on a "pass-no pass" basis.

(2) Courses wherein each student may elect on registration, or no later than the end of the first 30 percent of the term, whether the basis of evaluation is to be "pass-no pass" or a letter grade.

(b) All units of credit earned on a "pass-no pass" or "credit-no credit" basis in accredited California institutions of higher education or equivalent out-of-state institutions shall be counted in satisfaction of community college curriculum requirements.

(c) Units earned on a "pass-no pass" basis shall not be used to calculate grade point averages. However, units attempted for which the symbol "NP" (as defined in section 55023) is recorded shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures.

(d) Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, a district may continue to designate courses as being offered on a "credit-no credit basis" instead of a "pass-no pass" basis and may continue to use the "CR" and "NC" symbols, as defined in section 55030, instead of the "P" and "NP" symbols until the Fall 2009 term. Until the Fall 2009 term, any reference in this chapter to the "P" symbol shall be deemed to include the "CR" symbol and any reference to the "NP" symbol shall be deemed to include the "NC" symbol.

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Education Code 70901

(Added by Register 2007, No. 35.)