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Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction. Subchapter 1. Programs, Courses and Classes. Article 4. Course Repetition and Academic Renewal. Course Repetition Due to Significant Lapse of Time.   

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(a) In addition to permitting course repetition in the circumstances described in other provisions of this article, a district may also permit or require repetition of a course where the student received a satisfactory grade the last time he or she took the course but the district determines that there has been a significant lapse of time of no less than 36 months since that grade was obtained and:

(1) the district has properly established a recency prerequisite for a course or program pursuant to section 55003. or

(2) another institution of higher education to which the student seeks to transfer has established a recency requirement which the student will not be able to satisfy without repeating the course in question. Pursuant to petition, a district may allow repetition where less than 36 months have elapsed pursuant to this subdivision if the student documents the repetition is necessary for the student's transfer to the institution of higher education.

(b) If the district determines that a student needs to repeat an active participatory experience course, as defined in section 55000, in physical education or visual or performing arts, or an active participatory experience course that is related in content, as defined in section 55000, due to significant lapse of time, that repetition shall be counted in applying the limit on repetitions set forth in section 55040(c) except that, if the student has already exhausted the number of repetitions permitted under subdivision (c), an additional repetition due to significant lapse of time may be permitted or required by the district.

(c) When a course is repeated pursuant to this section, the district policy may allow the previous grade and credit to be disregarded in computing the student's GPA.

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