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Title 5. Education.Division 6. California Community Colleges.Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction.Subchapter 1. Programs, Courses and Classes.Article 4. Course Repetition and Academic Renewal. Repetition of Variable Unit Courses   

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(a) Except for active participatory courses in physical education, visual arts, or performing arts, if a community college district offers credit courses for variable units on an open-entry/ open-exit basis pursuant to section 58164, the district policies and procedures on course repetition adopted pursuant to section 55040 shall provide that a student may enroll in the course as many times as necessary to complete one time the entire curriculum of the course as described in the course outline of record. District policy may not permit students to enroll more than one time in an active participatory course in physical education, visual arts, or performing arts pursuant to this section. District policy may not permit the student to repeat any portion of the curriculum for the course, unless:

(1) the course is required for legally mandated training;

(2) the course is a special class for students with disabilities which the student needs to repeat for one of the reasons described in section 56029;

(3) repetition of the course to retake a portion of the curriculum is justified by extenuating circumstances pursuant to section 55045; or

(4) the student wishes to repeat the course to alleviate substandard work recorded for a portion of the curriculum as authorized pursuant to section 55042.

(b) When course repetition of a portion of a course is permitted under the circumstances described in subdivision (a), the district policy may allow the previous grade and credit to be disregarded in computing the student's GPA.

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