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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 1. Programs, Courses And Classes Article 6. The Associate Degree   

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The criteria established by the governing board of a community college district to implement its philosophy on the associate degree shall permit only courses that conform to the standards specified in section 55002(a) and that fall into the following categories to be offered as degree-applicable credit courses:

(a) All lower division courses accepted toward the baccalaureate degree by the California State University or University of California or designed to be offered for transfer.

(b) Courses that apply to the major or area of emphasis in non-baccalaureate career technical fields.

(c) English composition or reading courses not more than one level below the first transfer level course. Each student may count only one such course below transfer level for credit toward the associate degree, except that reading courses which also satisfy the requirements of subdivision (a) are not subject to this limit. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses which teach composition or reading skills are not considered to be English composition or reading courses for purposes of this subdivision.

(d) All mathematics courses above and including Elementary Algebra.

(e) Credit courses in English and mathematics taught in or on behalf of other departments and which, as determined by the local governing board require entrance skills at a level equivalent to those necessary for the courses specified in subdivisions (c) and (d) above.

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