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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 2. Approval By The Chancellor Article 1. Approval Of Credit Educational Programs   

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(a) Before offering any credit course as part of an educational program at a college, the governing board of a district shall obtain approval of the educational program from the Chancellor in accordance with the provisions of this article. Approval shall be requested on forms provided by the Chancellor.

(b) The application for approval shall contain at least the following:

(1) The name of the proposed program.

(2) The description of the proposed program.

(3) a list of required courses to be included in the program.

(4) course outlines of records for all courses in the program.

(5) The purposes and specific objectives of the proposed program.

(6) The place of the proposed program in the district master plan.

(7) An explanation of how the program is appropriate to the objectives and conditions of higher education and community college education in California and how it conforms to statewide master planning.

(8) The need for the proposed program ascertained with regard to at least the following factors:

(A) Other community colleges in the area currently offering the program;

(B) Other programs closely related to the proposed program offered by the college;

(C) Relation of the proposed program to job market analysis, where applicable;

(D) Enrollment projection for the proposed program;

(E) Recommendations of career technical education regional consortia, when applicable; and

(F) The classification of the courses in the program in accordance with section 55001.

(9) The need for and present adequacy of the following resources shall be determined in relation to the proposed program:

(A) Library and media center resources;

(B) Facilities and equipment required to initiate and sustain the program. If a new facility is to be used, reference should be made to the five-year master plan.

(C) Availability of adequate or proposed financial support; and

(D) Availability of faculty.

(c) The development, establishment and evaluation of an education program shall include representative faculty involvement.

(d) An approval is effective until the program or implementation of the program is discontinued or modified in any substantial way. The Chancellor may evaluate an educational program, after its approval, on the basis of factors listed in this section. If on the basis of such an evaluation the Chancellor determines that an educational program should no longer be offered, the Chancellor may terminate the approval and determine the effective date of termination.

(e) In multicollege districts, program approval is granted for a specific college.

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(Added by Register 2007, No. 35.)