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California Community Colleges. Chapter 4. Employees. Subchapter 1. Equal Employment Opportunity Programs. Article 2. Other Specific Responsibilities Of Community College Districts. Waiver of Limitation on Term of Administrative Contracts.   

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The Chancellor may waive the one year limit on the length of an appointment or series of appointments to an administrative position accomplished by means of a professional services contract pursuant to subdivision (c)(7) of section 53021 with respect to appointments made by the Lassen Community College District of the Chancellor determines that all of the following requirements are satisfied:

(a) the district is on probationary status with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC);

(b) the Chancellor has appointed a special trustee to manage the district pursuant to section 58312;

(c) the district requests a waiver of the limitation on the length of an appointment or series of appointments to an administrative position imposed by subdivision (c)(7) of section 53021 and demonstrates that the delay and disruption associated with full and open recruitment for the administrative position may jeopardize the fiscal stability of the district or its ability to satisfy conditions for removal from probation which have been established by ACCJC;

(d) the special trustee assigned to the district recommends granting the waiver;

(e) the total length of the appointment or series of appointments to the administrative position will not exceed three years; and

(f) all other requirements of this subchapter are satisfied with respect to the appointment.

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Education Code 70901

(Added by Register 2008, No. 7.)