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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission Article 17. State Nursing Assumption Program Of Loans For Education For Nursing Faculty (Snaple-Nf) Applications to participate in the program    

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Applications to participate in the program shall be submitted by the eligible applicant to his or her participating institution. The application shall be submitted to the Commission by the June 30th deadline and shall include the following information regarding the eligible applicant:

(a) Applicant's personal information, including:

(1) Last name, first name and middle initial;

(2) Social Security number;

(3) Address and telephone number;

(4) Date of birth;

(5) E-mail address, if available;

(6) California registered nurse license number, if available;

(7) for an applicant in an undergraduate degree program, a copy of the federal Student Aid Report (SAR) generated by the United States Department of Education based upon the applicant's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for the academic year in which the applicant applies to the program. Verification of information provided in the FAFSA and used to calculate the EFC may be requested by the Commission as necessary. Failure to provide verification in a timely manner, if requested, may result in disqualification from consideration for an award;

(8) the name of the regionally-accredited college or university that the eligible applicant is teaching nursing and the date the eligible applicant commenced employment, if applicable;

(9) the date the applicant has or is expected to receive his or her undergraduate or graduate degree in nursing or a field related to nursing.

(b) The applicant's representations that he or she:

(1) is a United States citizen or eligible noncitizen;

(2) is a resident of California;

(3) is in compliance with Selective Service requirements;

(4) does not owe a refund on any state or federal educational grant;

(5) does not currently have a delinquent or defaulted student loan.

(6) has not received a grant as an instructor in a California community college registered nursing program pursuant to Article 3.51 commencing with Section 78260 of the Education Code;

(c) The name of the accredited college(s) or university(ies), as applicable, at which the applicant:

(1) is enrolled on at least a half-time basis in an academic program leading to a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing or a field related to nursing;

(2) has obtained a baccalaureate or graduate level degree within the award year he or she applies for the program; or

(3) is accepted on at least a half-time basis to a program leading to a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing or a field related to nursing;

(d) Statement that the applicant agrees to:

(1) maintain satisfactory academic progress through completion of baccalaureate or graduate degree program; and

(2) teach in a nursing program on a full-time basis at one or more regionally accredited California colleges or universities for at least three consecutive academic years, or on a part-time basis for the equivalent of three full-time academic years, starting within twelve (12) months after obtaining a degree in nursing or a field related to nursing unless, within twelve (12) months after obtaining such a degree, the participant enrolls in a program leading to a more advanced academic degree in nursing or a field related to nursing;

(e) The name of lender, type of loan, loan identification number(s), and current balance(s) of a loan or loans the applicant has received, or has been approved to receive, under one or more of the following designated loan programs:

(1) the Federal Family Education Loan Program (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1071 et seq.);

(2) the Federal Direct Loan Program (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1087b et seq.);

(3) any loan program approved by the Commission on a case by case basis but not including lines of credit, home equity loans, credit card debt, and other general consumer loans, business loans, personal loans, or mortgages;

(f) For applicants who are enrolled in an undergraduate program, the student's cost of attendance at the participating institution for the academic year of application to the program.

(g) The application shall state that by signing, the applicant agrees that, if requested, the applicant will provide information or documentation to verify the accuracy of the information included in the application, and the applicant understands that failure to provide accurate and complete information as requested may result in disqualification from the program and loss of program benefits. The application shall be dated and signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California.

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(Amended By Register 2008, No. 24.)