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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission Article 18. State Nursing Assumption Program Of Loans For Education For Nurses In State Facilities (Snaple-Nsf)Certification from Eligible Institution   

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(a) All applicants shall submit certification from an eligible institution to the Commission by the June 30 deadline, including:

(1) the type of program, whether accelerated or traditional;

(2) that the applicant is, or if admitted will be, enrolled on a full-time basis, or that the applicant completed the pre-licensure nursing program and the that completion date;

(3) that the applicant, if enrolled, is maintaining satisfactory academic

progress; and,

(4) that the eligible institution has determined that the applicant has demonstrated outstanding ability on the basis of criteria that may include, but need not be limited to, any of the following:

(A) grade point average;

(B) test scores;

(C) faculty evaluations;

(D) interviews; and

(E) other recommendations.

(5) the applicant's grade point average for the pre-licensure nursing program;

(6) the number of remaining semesters or quarters the applicant is expected to take to complete the pre-licensure program and the projected completion date;

(7) certification that the institution is eligible to participant in state and federal financial aid programs;

(8) certification that the institution maintains an accredited program of professional preparation for licensing as a registered nurse in California;

(9) the applicant's last name, first name and middle initial;

(10) the applicant's Social Security Number;

(11) each certification submitted by an eligible institution shall be signed by the director of the institution's nursing program or designee under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California.

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(Amended By Register 2008, No. 24.)