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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission.Article 15. California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program. Selection by the Adjutant General   

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(a) The Adjutant General will select from among eligible applicants who submitted an application by the deadline established by section 30731.

(b) The Adjutant General will prioritize and certify the eligibility of applicants to the Commission.

(c) The Adjutant General will notify applicants of their selection or non-selection for an award.

(d) If it is determined that a program participant is not able to utilize an award the next eligible applicant on the list may be given the award.

(e) If the maximum awards authorized for the academic year are not exhausted after the selection process is completed, the California Military Department may continue to accept applications after the deadline established by section 30731 until all awards are exhausted or The Adjutant General no longer has authority to make awards, which ever is earlier. Applicants being considered for excess awards must complete the FAFSA for the academic year he or she is applying for prior to being accepted into the program.

(f) The Adjutant General shall obtain the following information regarding selected participants from the CNG EAAP application and submit it to the Commission:

(1) Last name, first name and middle initial;

(2) Social Security number;

(3) Address and telephone number;

(4) Date of birth;

(5) Whether the program participant has been currently accepted to, registered at, or enrolled in undergraduate, certificate/diploma, or graduate studies;

(6) E-mail address;

(7) Name of qualifying institution at which applicant has been accepted or registered, or enrolled in, the enrollment status of each term, the institution's eight-digit Federal school code, and housing plans;

(8) Amount of Federal Montgomery GI Bill benefits the applicant will receive for the academic year;

(9) Amount of Federal Educational Benefits Programs for Veterans the applicant will receive for the academic year;

(10) Gender;

(11) Ethnicity;

(12) The Applicant's award preference if eligible for both a Cal Grant Award and a CNG EAAP award.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69999.22


Education Code 69999.16

(Amended by Register 2013, No. 20.)