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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission. Article 3.5. Cal Grant Alternative Delivery System Pilot Program. Process for Final Approval of an ADS Pilot Program Application.   

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(a) After an applicant has received conditional approval to participate in the ADS Pilot Program, the Commission shall evaluate the technological capabilities of the applicant to implement the technological requirements of the ADS Pilot Program. Technological requirements would include, but are not limited to, an existing technological capability or resources needed to modify existing Financial Aid Management system to:

(1) Make the Cal Grant Awards using all the required eligibility requirements for the Cal Grant A/B entitlement and Community College Transfer Entitlement Awards;

(2) Provide electronic award information to the Grant Delivery System (GDS) and insure that rejected transactions can be handled by providing system;

(3) Download electronic GPA information from GDS to process the awards; and

(4) Download current student status on the Cal Grant System prior to awarding.

(b) The Commission shall, within 15 calendar days of receipt of all information necessary to determine whether a qualifying applicant has the technological capability to implement the ADS Pilot Program,

(1) notify the applicant that it is approved to participate in the ADS Pilot Program;

(2) advise the applicant of any deficiencies which must be remedied in order to be considered for participation in the ADS Pilot Program prior; or

(3) reject the application and specify the reason for the application rejection.

(c) In the event a letter of deficiency is sent to the applicant, the applicant will be given 30 calendar days to correct all deficiencies and re-submit its completed application to the Commission. If the applicant fails to remedy its application within the time allotted, the Commission shall reject the application on the next business day following the expiration of the time given. The Commission shall have 15 calendar days to conduct its review of the re-submitted application to determine if the application is complete and either notify the applicant that it is:

(1) approved to participate in the ADS Pilot Program; or

(2) reject the application and specify the reason for the application rejection.

(d) The applicant shall be notified of the Commission's determination in writing.

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(Added by Register 2011, No. 3.)