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Reporting of Program Data. Annual Report on Enrollment, Persistence and Graduation   

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(a) A qualifying institution shall annually report to the Commission no later than December 31st, for the academic year ending the preceding June 30th, the enrollment data, persistence data and graduation data for all undergraduate students, excluding visiting students, students concurrently enrolled in K-12, or who are solely enrolled in basic skills instructional courses, remedial courses or English as a Second Language courses. The qualifying institution shall also include in its report aggregate enrollment data, persistence data and graduation data on all Cal Grant recipients attending the institution.

(b) The Commission may extend the period for filing if the institution demonstrates evidence of substantial need, but in no event will the deadline be extended longer than 90 days.

(c) The annual report shall be filed electronically by either:

(1) submitting the information required by subdivision (a) via the Commission's WebGrants website; or

(2) providing sufficient student unitary data to the Commission to allow the Commission to prepare the report on the institution's behalf. An institution electing to have the Commission prepare its report shall provide the following student unitary data: student's first, middle initial, and last name; date of birth; social security number; race/ethnicity; gender; original term enrollment date; enrollment status; institution campus code; CIP code for the student's educational program; units completed by term for the academic year; and program completion date, if applicable.

(A) An institution electing to submit data to the Commission under this paragraph shall provide it no later than November 15th for the academic year ending the preceding June 30th. The Commission will calculate the enrollment, persistence and graduation data and provide a draft report to the institution within fifteen business days of its submission. The institution shall thereafter have fifteen business days to review its report and provide any additional information necessary to ensure the accuracy of the report.

(d) Any qualifying institution that fails to timely submit its annual report, or the data necessary for the Commission to prepare the annual report, shall be considered to be out of compliance with its Institutional Participation Agreement with the Commission.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69433.7


Education Code 69433.2

(Amended by Register 2014, No. 49.)