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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission. Article 3.5. Cal Grant Alternative Delivery System Pilot Program. Pilot School Responsibilities, Notification and Reporting Requirements.   

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(a) Pilot schools shall provide assistance to and information for students, parents, high school and community counselors about Cal Grant awards and other student financial aid, including information about the availability of, requirements for, and the amount of, Cal Grant awards that may be available at other qualifying institutions in all segments of postsecondary education. The pilot school is to act as a one-stop shop for student financial aid by providing assistance to all inquiring or seeking information.

(b) The pilot schools shall:

(1) determine whether the applicant's FAFSA was received by the application deadline;

(2) notify pilot participants of their Cal Grant award no later than the date the pilot participant is required to make an enrollment decision for the following academic year. An exemption for this provision is granted to pilot schools for pilot participants who make early decision commitments prior to the usual enrollment decision date for other students. The award shall be made as part of the pilot school's complete financial aid award and must include information that the students may be eligible to use the Cal Grant award other qualifying institution to which he or she is admitted. This notice will include other qualifying institutions that were listed on the ISIR. The Commission will provide pilot schools with the name of qualifying institutions and eligibility information for those schools.

(3) require that applicants affirm, in writing, under penalty of perjury, that he or she meets the requirement set forth in Section 69433.9(e)(1) of the Education Code;

(4) notify each person who receives a preliminary award under this paragraph that his or her award is subject to an audit.

(5) submit by the claiming date the following information to the Commission regarding all eligible applicants admitted to the pilot school and awarded a Cal Grant:

(A) Social Security Number;

(B) Last name, First name, Middle Initial;

(C) ISIR version the pilot school used;

(D) Cal Grant Program; and

(E) Date of Birth.

(6) provide the Commission with notification of all previously claimed students who are no longer attending the pilot school.

(c) Pilot schools shall report all of the following to the Commission by December 10th of the award year:

(1) Aggregate information on applicants for Cal Grant awards and pilot participants, by income level, gender, age, and ethnicity;

(2) Aggregate information on pilot participants who have withdrawn from their qualifying institutions;

(3) Aggregate information on pilot participants for whom awards have not been disbursed.

(4) Information on the total annual dollar amount of institutional aid available for students at the qualifying institution, the total number of recipients of institutional aid, the total amount of institutional aid provided to pilot participants at the qualifying institution, and the amount of institutional aid awarded to each pilot participants.

(5) Information on the amount of other financial aid, including, but not necessarily limited to, fee waivers, federal loans, private loans, and work study awarded to each pilot participants.

(d) Pilot school shall report any other information determined by the Commission to be necessary to fulfill its responsibilities under the Cal Grant program including but not limited to information necessary to determine Cal Grant funding projections for the State Budget.

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(Added by Register 2011, No. 3.)