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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission.Article 15. California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program. Leave of Absence   

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(a) A Leave of Absence (LOA) request may submitted in writing to the Adjutant General for approval for the following reasons: serious illness; pregnancy; other natural causes; call to active military status/activation/deployment; or reasons beyond the control of the participant.

(b) Upon the Adjutant General's approval, a program participant shall be excused for a period not to exceed one calendar year, unless approved by the Adjutant General for a longer period of time.

(c) The Adjutant General may waive the written requirement due to the enactment of a state of emergency or as ordered by the Governor.

(d) The Commission shall make no further payments under the program until the applicable enrollment requirements have been satisfied and the program participant has submitted a renewal application.

Authority cited:

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(New by Register 2013, No. 20.)