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Chapter 1. California Student Aid Commission.Article 15. California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program. Appeal Process   

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(a) If a program participant is withdrawn, the individual may request an administrative appeal from The Adjutant General that describes why he or she should be reinstated into the program. In addition, supporting documentation showing that the participant had continually met program eligibility shall be required. If The Adjutant General determines the program participant should not have been withdrawn, the individual's program benefits shall be reinstated. The program participant will not be eligible for any benefits for awards years that are closed.

Appeals may be submitted when:

(1) Procedural error beyond the control of the participant results in ineligibility;

(2) The participant alleges other violations of this regulation or controlling statute.

(b) Appeals must be submitted in writing and sent to:



P.O. BOX 269101

SACRAMENTO, CA 95826-9101

(c) All appeals must be received by the CNG EAAP Coordinator within 90 calendar days of:

(1) Notification of Educational Assistance Award denial;

(2) Learning of procedural error.

Appeals submitted for failing to meeting program guidelines will not be accepted.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69999.22


Education Code 69999.16

Education Code 69999.18

(New by Register 2013, No. 20.)