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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7 |    220.14, 220.014  

Claims against school food authorities.   

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(a) State agencies shall disallow any portion of a claim and recover any payment made to a School Food Authority that was not properly payable under this part. State agencies will use their own procedures to disallow claims and recover overpayments already made.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) The State agency may refer to CND through the FCSRO for determination any action it proposes to take under this section.

(d) The State agency shall maintain all records pertaining to action taken under this section. Such records shall be retained for a period of 3 years after the end of the fiscal year to which they pertain.

(e) If CND does not concur with the State agency's action in paying a claim or a reclaim, or in failing to collect an overpayment, CND shall assert a claim against the State agency for the amount of such claim, reclaim, or overpayment. In all such cases the State agency shall have full opportunity to submit to CND evidence or information concerning the action taken. If, in the determination of CND, the State agency's action was unwarranted, the State agency shall promptly pay to FCS the amount of the claim, reclaim, or overpayment.

(f) The amounts recovered by the State agency from Schools may be utilized, first, to make payments to School Food Authorities for the purposes of the related program during the fiscal year for which the funds were initially available, and second to repay any State funds expended in the reimbursement of claims under the program and not otherwise repaid. Any amounts recovered which are not so utilized shall be returned to FCS in accordance with the requirements of this part.

(g) With respect to School Food Authorities of schools in which the program is administered by FCSRO, when FCSRO disallows a claim or a portion of a claim, or makes a demand for refund of an alleged overpayment, it shall notify the School Food Authority of the reasons for such disallowance or demand and the School Food Authority shall have full opportunity to submit evidence or to file reclaims for any amounts disallowed or demanded in the same manner as that afforded in this section to School Food Authorities of schools in which the program is administered by State agencies.

(h) In the event that the State agency or FCSRO, where applicable, finds that a school is failing to meet the requirements of Sec. 220.8(g), Sec. 220.8(i)(2) and (i)(3) or 220.8a(a)(1), (b)(2), and (b)(3), whichever is applicable, the State agency or FCSRO need not disallow payment or collect an overpayment arising out of such failure, if the State agency or FCSRO takes such other action as, in its opinion, will have a corrective effect.

(i) The Secretary shall have the authority to determine the amount of, to settle, and to adjust any claim arising under the Program, and to compromise or deny such claim or any part thereof. The Secretary shall also have the authority to waive such claims if the Secretary determines that to do so would serve the purposes of the Program. This provision shall not diminish the authority of the Attorney General of the United States under section 516 of Title 28, U.S. Code, to conduct litigation on behalf of the United States.

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