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Superintendent Responsibilities And Duties   

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Superintendent's Job Specifications

General Functions

1. Serves as chief officer of the Governing Board and is responsible directly to the Board for carrying out its instructions, whether written or verbal.

2. Prepares agendas for Board meetings with the Board president and in conformity with Board policy; is responsible for assuring compliance with all legal requirements relative to posting of notice of meetings and preparation of minutes. Provides each Board member, in advanced of the meeting, with information and data pertinent to subjects or individuals scheduled to be heard by the Board.

3. Administers the school in accordance with the laws of the State, rules and regulations of the State Board of Education and the policies adopted by the local Board.

4. Provides educational leadership to the Board, school staff, and community. Keeps abreast of current trends in education and advises the Board regarding desirable courses of action.

5. Recommends to the Board, the district/school organizational structure.

6. Reports to the Board on all matters of interest and concern to the Board of Trustees, including but not limited to:

a. Execution of its policies

b. General administration of the educational environment

c. Impending problems

d. Statewide or national educational developments

e. Fiscal advice, trends, and conditions

f. Personnel matters in accordance with Board policy

7. Acts as advisor to the Board in areas needing policy development or revision. Assists in formulating policies by providing Board with necessary data and information. Maintains a written manual of current district policies.

8. Interprets and implements district policies.

Instructional Program Functions

1. Makes recommendations to the Board relative to the scope of the educational program.

2. Works with the principal in developing a program of articulation between educational levels.

3. Makes recommendations to the Board regarding grade level and graduation standards in accordance with Education Code and other State requirements.

4. Works with the principal in implementing the district's curriculum and keeps the Board informed about methods used in the instructional program.

5. Works with the principle in recommending policy for selection and evaluation of textbooks and other instructional materials in accordance with legal requirements and good educational practices.

6. Works with the principal in establishing testing programs and other methods for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional program.

7. Recommends additions or changes in the instructional program that reflect the input of the educational community.

Personnel Functions

1. Organizes a program for recruitment and selection of personnel and establishes qualifications for all personnel.

2. Prepares job descriptions for all personnel.

3. In collaboration with the principal, recommends the appointment, promotion, transfer, and dismissal of school district personnel, in accordance with policies, administrative regulations and state/federal law.

4. Supervises or delegates the supervision of the work of all employees of the school district.

5. Maintains open lines of communication with employee groups as well as with individual employees.

6. Executes personnel policies adopted by the Board and makes Board policies, job descriptions and administrative regulations readily available to all members of the staff.

7. Acts, if designated, as the Board's representative in the negotiations process, or recommends other representatives for the Board's consideration and approval. Assists the Board in preparing instructions for its representatives in the negotiations process.

8. Recommends and administers all personnel policies.

9. Recommends to the Board pupil-teacher ratios and number of staff to be employed in all departments.

10. Works with the principal to coordinate the work of the staff, citizens and students in curriculum and program development, evaluation and improvement.

11. Works with the principal to provide advice and assistance and reasonable opportunity for improvement to all personnel receiving unsatisfactory evaluations.

12. Works with the principal to provide for the professional growth opportunities for staff members.

13. Collaborates with the Board in providing a board orientation for new Board members.

14. Serves as the District's Affirmative Action and Title IX officer to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws pertaining to district personnel administration.

School Facilities Functions

1. Guides the Facilities Master Plan Committee in maintaining a District Facilities Master Plan and provides related recommendations to the Board.

2. Analyzes the adequacy and condition of all school facilities, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board Makes periodic inspections and reports to the Board.

3. Ensures a continuing school/ district safety program.

4. Recommends policies and establishes procedures for public use of school buildings, facilities, and equipment. Makes or directs periodic inspections. Reports findings to the Board and makes appropriate recommendations.

Business and Finance Function

1. Analyzes and communicates to board, staff, and public the district's current financial condition and provides long-range financial projections.

2. Prepares Annual District budgets as policy documents and presents them to the Board for adoption.

3. Administers the budget and keeps expenditures within their adopted limits.

4. Establishes a system for financial accounting and purchasing of supplies and equipment, in accordance with State and Federal law and Board policy.

5. Provides understandable financial status reports as required by the Board.

6. Provides for the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment and acquisitions of district property consistent with the adopted budget, the needs of the district and the direction of the Board.

7. Provides for the maintenance of a current material and equipment inventory in accordance with Board policy and State and Federal law.

8. Establishes and maintains an adequate insurance program.

9. Provides open communication with the community regarding finance and budget matters.

10. Ensures the preparation and signature of all District financial reports as required by District policy and State Law.

Community Relations Functions

1. Keeps the community informed regarding school matters.

2. Works with the principal to identify community events and activities in which to participate.

3. Works with parent groups and community organizations for the benefit of the school district. Communicates the programs and activities of the school for various community groups.

4. Establishes positive, open working relationship with the media. Meets with representatives of the press to provide information needed for keeping the community informed. Issues press releases as required.

5. Schedules regular reports by the staff on various aspects of the instructional program at Board meetings.

6. Participates in community affairs, in both school and non-school activities and cooperates with other community agencies. Encourages staff to become active in the community.

7. Plans for the utilization of community resources to assist in furthering educational aims, and for citizen involvement in the decision-making process.

8. Maintains the appropriate channel of communications as defined by District policy and complaints

9. Demonstrates respect and cooperation in relationships with Board of Education, staff and community.

Student Personnel Services Function

1. Works with the principal to ensure an adequate permanent pupil record system.

2. Works with the principal to address the needs of all children.

3. Works with the principal to ensure an effective level of health services for students.

4. Works with the principal to develop school rules, regulations, and policies covering corporal punishment, truancy, vandalism, attendance, pupil discipline, suspension or expulsion.

5. Ensures the preparation of, all District enrollment reports as required by District policy and State Law.


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