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Tuberculosis Testing   

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The Governing Board recognizes that tuberculosis poses a public health threat. Treatment of active cases of this disease is the most effective means of controlling its spread.

The Superintendent or designee may require a tuberculosis skin test when qualified medical personnel reasonably suspect that a student has active tuberculosis. If there is an outbreak of tuberculosis at the school, the Superintendent or designee may require all students to undergo tuberculosis skin tests.

Students known to have had a positive tuberculosis skin test shall be excluded from school until they provide evidence of a follow-up x-ray and appropriate medical care or are no longer suspected of having active tuberculosis.

(cf. 5112.2 - Exclusions from Attendance)

(cf. 5141.3 - Health Examinations)

All district staff shall receive information on how tuberculosis is spread and how it can be prevented and treated.

(cf. 4119.43/4219.43/4319.43 - Universal Precautions)

(cf. 5141.22 - Infectious Diseases)

(cf. 5141.23 - Infectious Disease Prevention)

Legal Reference:


49450 Rules to insure proper care and secrecy

49451 Parent's refusal to consent


120230 Exclusion of persons from school

120875 Providing information to school districts on AIDS, AIDS-related conditions and Hepatitis B

120880 Information to employees of school district

121475-121520 Tuberculosis tests for pupils


adopted: April 27, 2004 Santa Barbara, California