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Montecito Union ESD |  AR  9000  Board Bylaws

Role Of The Board   

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The Concept of Trusteeship

The Governing Board accepts the principles included in the statement that follows:

Under the statutes of the State of California, the Board assumes full responsibility in all matters relating to the program of public education in the district. It is the policy of this Board to promote the best possible program of education for the district under its trusteeship.

In holding in trust this "estate", the Board acknowledges its responsibility for the present welfare of the children and community as it may be reflected by the program of education currently provided; and equally concerns itself with the trust of the "future welfare of the community as the children in school today become responsible adult members of the community."

Legislative Functions of the Board

The Board retains full legislative authority over the school of the district in accordance with the provisions of the Education Code, and the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education. Legislative authority and service, under the law, implies the power and obligation to contract for services and materials.

The power to inspect, or to employ its staff or outside experts to inspect, the power to pass judgment upon employees and their work, and the power to veto acts of any or all employees, when such acts are deemed inexpedient, disadvantageous or inconsistent with the established Board policies, are inherent powers of the Board.

The Board recognizes the need to free itself from details in order to devote its time and thought to the determination of major policies and issues affecting the educational program of the district. In its deliberation of these policies, the Board will request the advice and aid of the Superintendent.

Appraisal and Evaluation

The Board shall appraise the effectiveness of its acts, policies, and employees in the operation of the educational program of the district.

Appointment of Superintendent

The Board shall elect a person who is fully qualified to be the Superintendent of the district and shall fix his salary and term of office at time of his/her employment.

The Board recognizes that the selection of the Superintendent is one of its most important responsibilities. Merit shall be the sole basis of the selection, and the Board shall obtain competent professional advice in making this selection.

Not later than the regular meeting prior to January 1 preceding the expiration of the term of office of the Superintendent on the following June 30, the Board shall notify the Superintendent of the intention of the Board to renew his/her contract or to terminate his/her employment as Superintendent of the district.

Employment of Personnel

It is the policy of the Board to be diligent in providing a competent staff of certificated and classified personnel who shall be appointed on merit only. All personnel shall be appointed, promoted, or dismissed by the Board on the recommendation of the Superintendent. When the original recommendation of the Superintendent concerning the appointment or promotion of an employee does not meet with the approval of the Board, the Superintendent shall seek further to find candidates whom her may recommend to the Board.

Control of Expenditures

An annual budget of expenditures shall be determined by the Board. The school district funds shall be expended only on authorization of the Board. The Board shall determine schedules of salaries and shall approve all contracts for services and materials.

School Plant Facilities

The Board shall be responsible for providing adequate school plant facilities to meet the educational program it has established. It is the policy of the Board to provide functional, structurally safe, and educationally sound buildings of a permanent type that will complement the community, but which will be within the means of the district to finance.

The Board, with the recommendation of the Superintendent, shall purchase sites, approve building plans and enter into contracts for the erection of school buildings.

Education Policy and Lay Participation

The Board recognizes the growing importance of public education in American democracy and is in complete agreement with the point of view that the school should remain close to the people. The Board wishes to encourage study, discussion and active participation by all concerned in the promotion of the best possible program of education for the community and district.

In encouraging active participation in policy-making, the Board wishes to make it clear that in no way does the Board wish to escape its responsibility as the official governing body responsible to the people. The Board reserves to itself the right and the obligation to make final decisions based upon available evidence on all matters affecting the educational program carried on in the district school.

Participation in Trustee Associations

It is the policy of the Board to participate actively in the work of the County School Boards Association, The California School Boards Association, and other institutes and meetings which might contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the trustee as a member of the Board.

Goal Setting

Annually, the Board shall endeavor to develop and approve its goals.


approved: April 27, 2004 Santa Barbara, California