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Grant conditions   

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The grantor may designate in the grant:

(a) The nature, object, and purposes of the institution to be founded, endowed, and maintained.

(b) The name by which it shall be known.

(c) The powers and duties of the trustees, and the manner in which they shall account, and to whom, if accounting is required. Such powers and duties shall not be exclusive of other powers and duties which may be necessary to enable the trustees to fully carry out the objects of the grant.

(d) The mode and manner, and by whom, the successors to the trustee or trustees named in the grant are to be appointed.

(e) Such rules and regulations for the management of the property conveyed as the grantor may elect to prescribe. Such rules shall, unless the grantor otherwise prescribes, be deemed advisory only, and shall not preclude the trustees from making such changes as new conditions may from time to time require.

(f) The place where and the time when the buildings necessary and proper for the institution shall be erected, and the character and extent thereof.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)