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Grantor relinquishment of rights   

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The founder or founders, surviving founder, or spouse or surviving spouse of any founder, of a university, college, school, seminary of learning, mechanical institute, museum, gallery of art, library or any other institution, or any or all thereof, founded pursuant to this article, may, by an instrument in writing, resign, relinquish, and surrender all the rights, powers, privileges and duties reserved to or vesting in him or her, over, in, or concerning any of the property granted or given to the institution, or over or concerning the institution founded. Thereupon all estates, rights, powers, privileges, trusts, and duties which would otherwise vest in or devolve upon the trustee or trustees of the trusts and estates created upon the death of the person resigning, relinquishing, and surrendering, by the terms of the grant and amendments thereof, and by the terms of any grants, gifts, bequests, and devices supplementary thereto, or of any confirmatory grants, shall immediately vest in and devolve upon the trustee or trustees. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the person resigning, relinquishing and surrendering the rights, powers, privileges, or duties from thereafter becoming and serving as one of the trustees, or from becoming and serving as an officer of any board of trustees.

(Amended by Stats. 1977, Ch. 36.)