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State School Building Aid Law of 1952. General Provisions   

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If the board, between April 5, 1963, and July 1, 1963, approves an application for an apportionment and makes a conditional apportionment to the district making the application and if after the approval it is determined that the projected enrollment of the district is less than that upon which the district's application was based, any apportionment made by the board under the application is hereby ratified and confirmed and payments shall be made to the district pursuant to the apportionment. The board shall as a condition to any apportionment made under the application require the district to repay in full that portion of the apportionment which it determines to be attributable to the excess projected enrollment upon which the application was based and the district shall be empowered and obligated to comply with the requirement if it accepts the portion of the apportionment. The repayment shall be in equal annual installments made within 20 years from the date the district receives the apportionment. The repayment shall be in addition to any other repayment required by this chapter. The rate of interest shall be the same rate as that fixed for the remainder of the apportionment.

If at any time the board determines that the amount of actual enrollment of the district attains the amount of the projected enrollment upon which the district's application, referred to above, was based, the board may, if it determines that the inclusion of the excess projected enrollment in the application occurred inadvertently, provide that the district shall not be required to pay any further installments for full repayment of that portion of the apportionment attributable to the excess projected enrollment and the unpaid balance of the portion and interest thereon shall thereafter be repaid under the same terms and in the same manner as the balance of the apportionment made under the application.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)