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Article 5. School Housing Aid for Districts Impacted by Seasonal Agricultural Employment   

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Not to exceed one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) of the amount of the proceeds of bonds issued under the State School Building Aid Bond Law of 1966 which are reserved pursuant to Section 17214, as enacted by Section 2 of Chapter 1010 of the Statutes of 1976, may be expended pursuant to this article.

Nothing in this article shall be construed to sanction, perpetuate or promote the racial or ethnic segregation, or the segregation by economic class, of pupils in the public schools.

The funds shall be expended by the State Allocation Board, for the acquisition of portable school and classroom buildings, and for the expenses incurred in the administration of this article.

The portable school and classroom buildings may be made available by the board, upon the recommendation of the Director of Compensatory Education, to any school district which, because of the influx for temporary periods in the school year of large numbers of persons employed in seasonal agricultural work, experiences emergency increases in school enrollments of such magnitude as to make it impossible or impractical to accommodate the additional pupils in existing school buildings and facilities available to the district.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)


Education Code 17214 (Repealed. Stats. 1995, Ch. 552, Sec. 10.)