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Article 1.5. Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program   

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(a) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall establish and administer the Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program to permit school districts to provide opportunities for children to enhance their readiness for kindergarten, thereby increasing their likelihood for future academic success.

(b) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall convene an advisory panel to assist the department in developing its request for proposals, and in evaluating and selecting the proposals submitted to the department. The advisory panel shall include, but need not be limited to, a representative of each of the following:

(1) The Department of Finance.

(2) The Legislature.

(3) The California Research Bureau.

(4) The Legislative Analyst.

(5) The State Board of Education.

(6) The Secretary for Education.

(c) By February 1, 2006, the superintendent shall notify elementary and unified school districts maintaining kindergarten about the existence of this program, shall notify them about the procedures for participation, and shall request proposals for participation.

(d) Participation in the program by a school district shall be voluntary.

(e) A school district that elects to participate in the program shall apply to the Superintendent of Public Instruction by May 1, 2006, upon forms adopted by the superintendent for this purpose.

(f) The Superintendent of Public Instruction, with the advice of the advisory panel, and in consultation with the Secretary for Education, shall select participants from the group of applicants. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall give priority to applicant school districts that are representative of the diversity of pupils and of the various types of school districts within the state. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall also give priority to unified school districts.

(g) This article does not prohibit a school district from implementing the program in selected schools within the district if adequate records are kept to substantiate the accuracy of the declining enrollment incentive and limits on prekindergarten instruction funding provided pursuant to Section 48005.30.

(Amended by Stats. 2003, Ch. 227, Sec. 21.)


Education Code 48005.30