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Leroy F. Greene Facilities Act of 1998; Charter Schools   

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(a) In lieu of applying for funding under this article, a school district may elect to include facilities for a charter school that would be physically located within its geographical jurisdiction within its application for funding pursuant to the general provisions of this chapter, other than this article. However, the project would be outside the scope of this article, would not be subject to its provisions, and shall comply with this chapter in the same manner as any noncharter project. Any per-pupil eligibility that is used for that project shall not, also, support any project under this article.

(b) Except for those provisions in which the authority is expressly required or authorized to adopt regulations pursuant to this article, the board in consultation with the authority shall adopt regulations to implement this article. The board may adopt, amend, or repeal rules and regulations pursuant to this article as emergency regulations. Until July 1, 2004, the adoption, amendment, or repeal of these regulations is conclusively presumed to be necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety, or general welfare within the meaning of Section 11346.1 of the Government Code.

(c) This article is not applicable to projects funded with the proceeds of state general obligation bonds approved by the voters prior to January 1, 2002.

(Amended by Stats. 2003, Ch. 587, Sec. 15.)


Government Code 11346.1