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Creation of 2016 State School Facilities Fund.   

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(a) A fund is hereby established in the State Treasury, to be known as the 2016 State School Facilities Fund. All money in the fund, including any money deposited in that fund from any source whatsoever, and notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, is hereby continuously appropriated without regard to fiscal years for expenditure pursuant to this chapter.

(b) The board may apportion funds to school districts for the purposes of this chapter, as it read on January 1, 2015, from funds transferred to the 2016 State School Facilities Fund from any source.

(c) The board may make apportionments in amounts not exceeding those funds on deposit in the 2016 State School Facilities Fund, and any amount of bonds authorized by the committee, but not yet sold by the Treasurer.

(d) The board may make disbursements pursuant to any apportionment made from any funds in the 2016 State School Facilities Fund, irrespective of whether there exists at the time of the disbursement an amount in the 2016 State School Facilities Fund sufficient to permit payment in full of all apportionments previously made. However, no disbursement shall be made from any funds required by law to be transferred to the General Fund.

(Added November 8, 2016, by initiative Proposition 51, Sec. 2.)