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Article 22. After School Kids Code Grant Pilot Program   

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(a) The After School Kids Code Grant Pilot Program is hereby established in order to expand access to computer coding for pupils participating in the After School Education and Safety Program (Article 22.5 (commencing with Section 8482)). The department shall administer the pilot program and provide one-time grant funds to eligible after school education and safety programs established pursuant to Article 22.5 (commencing with Section 8482) that focus on computer coding as part of their after school program curriculum.

(b) (1) The department, in consultation with interested stakeholders, shall develop an application process and criteria for determining eligible grant recipients consistent with the purpose of promoting computer coding education.

(2) Priority shall be given to grant applications that demonstrate all of the following:

(A) The applicant offers high-quality coding curriculum and a commitment to provide instructional training to coding instructors utilizing a train-the-trainer model.

(B) The applicant has established a plan for sustaining the program beyond the three-year pilot program.

(C) The applicant inspires pupils to consider science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers.

(D) The applicant incorporates a college and career component that includes information about growing STEM opportunities in education and careers, and STEM internships and field trips that expose youth to STEM college opportunities and careers.

(E) The applicant incorporates introductory digital literacy and responsible use of technology into its after school program curriculum.

(3) The department may impose conditions on grant recipients regarding the use of grant funds consistent with the purposes of this article.

(c) The department shall determine the amount and number of grants to be awarded under the pilot program based on the after school program site enrollment.

(Added by Stats. 2018, Ch. 32, Sec. 14.)