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The county superintendent or governing board, as the case may be, maintaining a 24-hour school may accept in the school any minor between the ages of 8 and 16 years who is a resident of the county or the school district, as the case may be, whose parent or guardian does not exercise proper care, supervision, and guidance over him, or who is, by reason of insubordinate conduct, or refusal to obey the rules and regulations of the school authorities, in need of special educational training and discipline to prevent him from becoming subject to the provisions of the juvenile court law. The pupil may be assigned to the school by order of the county superintendent or the superintendent of schools of the district, as the case may be, approved in writing by the parent, or guardian in compliance with the recommendation of the board of admission. If the parent or guardian of the pupil enters into a contract with the county or school district, as the case may be, for the support of the pupil, he may be maintained in the school for the period of the assignment.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010)