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Article 13. Early Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities   

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The State Department of Education shall develop a testing program to be utilized at the kindergarten grade level to determine which pupils have a potential for developing learning disability problems. The testing procedure shall include an overall screening test for learning disabilities and testing for dyslexia. To the extent feasible, the department shall use existing tests and screening instruments in developing the early diagnosis of the learning disabilities testing program. In developing the program, the department shall consult with experts in the areas of learning and reading difficulties, including, but not limited to, neurologists, psychologists, persons working in these areas in postsecondary educational institutions, teachers, school nurses, education consultants, school psychologists, and other persons with appropriate knowledge and experience in the detection and treatment of learning problems and reading difficulties in early grades.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1376, Sec. 1.)