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Test agency   

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A test agency shall prepare a clear, easily understandable written description of each standardized test it administers. A copy of the appropriate description shall be provided to the test subject or the test score recipient prior to the administration of the test or coinciding with the initial reporting of a test score. The description shall include all of the following information:

(a) The purposes for which the test is constructed and intended to be used.

(b) For those tests used to predict performance, the subject matter included on these tests and the knowledge and skills which the test purports to measure.

(c) Statements designed to provide information for interpreting the test scores, including the explanations of the test, the standard error of measurement, and for those tests used to predict performance, the correlation between test score and performance.

(d) Statements concerning the effects and uses of test scores, including both of the following:

(1) If the test score is used by itself or with other information to predict future grade point average, a summary of existing data on the extent to which the use of this test score will improve the accuracy of predicting future grade point average, over and above all other information used.

(2) A summary of existing data on the extent to which the improvement in test scores results from test preparation courses.

(e) A description of the form in which test scores will be reported, and whether the raw test scores will be altered in any way before being reported to the test subject.

(f) A complete description of any promises or covenants which the test agency makes to the test subject with regard to any of the following matters:

(1) The accuracy of scoring.

(2) The time period within which the test subject's score will be reported to the test subject and to the test score recipients.

(3) The privacy of information relating to the test subject, including his or her test scores.

(g) The property interest in the test score held by the test subject, if any.

(h) The period of time the test agency will retain the test score, and the test agency's policies regarding the storage, disposal, and future use of test scores.

(i) A description of all special services which will be provided at the location of the test administration to accommodate handicapped or disabled test subjects.

(j) The policies and procedures of the test agency when there is a delay in reporting the test scores pursuant to Section 91160.

(k) A representative set of sample test items.

(l) The fees to be charged by the test sponsor for various services made available to the test subject.

(m) Each test agency shall comply with the requirements of this section beginning with the start of its testing year which begins after January 1, 1985.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1505, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 91160