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Options when evidence exists to cancel or invalidate test score   

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(a) Whenever the test agency determines that substantial evidence exists to support cancellation or invalidation of a test score, the test agency shall provide the test subject with a choice of the following options:

(1) A cancellation of the test scores in question, with full refund of all test fees.

(2) Opportunity to take the test again privately and without charge.

(3) Opportunity to seek judicial review of the matter.

(b) The test subject shall have 30 days following receipt of the notice by registered mail to respond to the notice of inauthenticity.

(c) If the test subject responds to the notice of inauthenticity or irregularity of test scores sent by the test agency within the time period specified by subdivision (b), the test agency shall review the contents of the response and comply with one of the following:

(1) If the test subject requests cancellation of the test scores, a full refund of all test fees will be provided within a reasonable period.

(2) If the test subject requests an opportunity to take the test again privately and without charge, the test agency shall make appropriate accommodations that are mutually agreed upon by the test agency and test subject so that the test subject has sufficient time to prepare for the retest. The retest shall be given in a reasonable and timely manner.

(3) Nothing in this section precludes the parties from seeking resolution of the testing problems by either judicial review or arbitration.

(d) The test agency shall not release confidential information to any authorized test score recipients regarding a test subject under pending investigation, unless authorized to do so by the test subject.

(e) The test agency shall immediately release the test score to the test subject and the test score recipients where no substantial evidence exists to render the inauthenticity or irregularity of the test score.

(f) The procedures prescribed in Section 99159 and this section do not apply to instances where the cancellation of all test scores results from the complete disruption of the administration of the test, such as by natural disasters, national emergencies, inadequate or improper test conditions, answer sheet printing errors, or testing agency errors.

(g) Time procedures described in Section 99159 and this section shall not apply in those instances where test scores have already been reported to test score recipients.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1505, Sec. 2.)


Education Code 99159