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State School Building Aid Law of 1952. General Provisions   

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If the board has made an apportionment to a school district after November 1, 1960, upon the condition that the district issue and sell district bonds in an amount prescribed by the board, and an election was heretofore held in the district at which two-thirds of the voters voting on the proposition to authorize the issuance and sale of bonds in an amount sufficient to meet the condition of the apportionment voted in favor thereof, all acts or proceedings heretofore taken by or on behalf of the school district, under any law, or under the color of any law, for the authorization, issuance, sale or exchange of the bonds of the school district for any public purpose are hereby confirmed, validated and declared legally effective. This shall include all acts and proceedings of the governing board of the school district, and of any person or officer, heretofore done or taken upon the authorization, issuance, or sale of the bonds.

All bonds of any the school district heretofore authorized to be issued and hereafter issued and delivered in accordance with the authorization shall be the legal, valid and binding obligations of the district.

As used in this section the word "hereafter" means any time on or subsequent to the effective date of this section and the word "heretofore" means any time prior to the effective date.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)