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School Housing Aid for Rehabilitation and Replacement of Structurally Inadequate School Facilities   

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A school district may at any time file an application or amend or supplement an application. Upon receipt of any application, the Director of General Services shall as promptly as possible prepare a report and recommendation with respect to the application after having received recommendations from the director in respect to any matter which is subject to the jurisdiction or approval of the director or State Department of Education. The board shall, subject to the provisions of this article, approve, in whole or in part, or reject each application referred to it by the Director of General Services. If the board approves of the application, either in whole or in part, it shall, by a resolution adopted by it, apportion to the district from the State School Building Aid Fund the amount applied for, or any portion thereof that the board may determine appropriate. However, it may order that the apportionment or any part thereof shall be paid in progressive installments at any times and under any conditions that it may then prescribe. This shall be known as a conditional apportionment and shall become final only if the vote provided for in Section 16327 is favorable and if the county superintendent of schools furnishes a certificate satisfactory to the board certifying that there is on deposit in the state school building fund of the district the amount of district funds which, when added to the apportionment computed under Section 16330, will equal the estimated cost of the project approved under Section 16323.

Unless the board has received the certificates of the county superintendent of schools required by this section within nine months from the date of the conditional apportionment, it shall, at the expiration of the nine-month period, void the conditional apportionment and shall certify this fact to the Controller. Each final apportionment made by the board under this article, shall be certified by it to the Controller who shall from time to time draw his or her warrant on the Treasurer in favor of the county treasurer of the county having jurisdiction over the district in accordance with the terms of the final apportionment. The warrant shall be exempt from the provisions of Division 4 (commencing with Section 16100) of Title 2 of the Government Code and shall be paid by the Treasurer from the State School Building Aid Fund.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)


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