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(a) In addition to the powers granted the board under this chapter, the board shall have authority to do each of the following:

(1) Make apportionments to districts for the purchase of sites only, or for the construction or purchase of temporary or portable buildings, and for the cost of site preparation, including any necessary utility costs, in connection with their utilization.

(2) Establish standards in conjunction with the State Department of Education pertaining to the sites and buildings as a condition for making the apportionment. In addition the board may also expend moneys from the State School Construction Fund directly for the construction, acquisition, storage, maintenance, and repair of the buildings, including administrative costs related thereto. In the latter event the board may lease, sell, or transfer under a lease-purchase agreement the buildings to school districts eligible for aid under this chapter, under the terms as it deems fit. Agreements pertaining thereto may provide for the payment by the state of site preparation costs, including any necessary utility costs, sufficient to permit their utilization.

(b) Whenever the board deems it economically desirable to do so the board may dispose of any facilities acquired or constructed directly by it under this section to any public or private parties under the terms and in the manner as the board deems fit, save insofar as the disposal is inconsistent with any agreement under this section between the board and an affected district. The board is authorized to do any and all things necessary to effectuate the purposes of this section, and any eligible school district is authorized to enter into an agreement with the board to carry out the purposes hereof.

(c) Any buildings leased for placement on the school property or under a purchase or a lease-purchase agreement shall be deemed the construction or alteration of a school building as those terms are defined in Sections 17280 to 17313, inclusive.

(d) The consideration provided by any agreement between the state and districts pursuant to this section shall as nearly as possible reflect an amount which would return to the state a fair pro rata proportion of its capital investment and expenditures connected therewith in the light of the benefits conferred by the agreement. The consideration shall be paid by the districts promptly when due, and Section 16573 shall not be deemed applicable to reduce the consideration, provided that the amounts so repaid shall be redeposited in the State School Construction Fund.

(e) No agreement shall be entered into under this section unless the department has, with respect thereto, or as a condition of making the agreement, approved each of the following items:

(1) The property to be transferred, including any incidental construction pertaining thereto.

(2) Whether the agreement shall be by lease or sale.

(3) The term of the transfer, if less than a sale, including any contingent or indefinite term.

"Sale" as used in this subdivision includes a lease-purchase transaction. The jurisdiction of the department shall not otherwise extend to the terms of the agreement.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)


Education Code 16573

Education Code 17280-17313