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Surplus School Playground, Playing Field, and Recreational Property   

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Any land purchased or leased by a public agency pursuant to this article shall thereafter be maintained by such agency for playground, playing field, or other outdoor recreational and open-space uses. Land which prior to its sale or lease was used for playground or playing field purposes, shall continue to be maintained for such use by the acquiring agency, unless the governing body of that agency, by a two-thirds vote at a public hearing, determines that there is no longer a significant need for the land to be so used, in which case the land may thereafter be used for other outdoor recreational or open-space purposes. The school district may, at any time, reacquire the land at a price calculated in the manner prescribed in Section 17491, and the rights of reacquisition provided in this section shall be set forth in the deed or other instrument of transfer. If the governing board of the public agency determines that the land is no longer needed for playground, playing field, or other outdoor recreational and open-space purposes, the public agency shall offer the property to the school district for reacquisition under this section, and the school district shall notify the public agency within 60 days of its intent to reacquire the land. If the school district intends to sell the property within one year of the reacquisition date, the school district may finance the reacquisition of the land by lien against the proceeds to be obtained from the sale of the land by the school district. If the school district fails to give the public agency timely notice of its intent to reacquire the property, or if it fails to exercise its right of reacquisition, the public agency may use or dispose of the property.

For purposes of this section, "cost of acquisition," as used in Section 17491, shall refer to the cost at which the land was acquired by the public agency.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 3. Operative January 1, 1998.)


Education Code 17491